Top 5 Unique Reasons to Explore Tibet and Have a Great Experience


“Chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains.”-Jeffrey Rasley

Tibet has a unique charm and this never-ending vibe of peace and tranquillity that every travel-lover enjoys coming here from every corner of the world. The intriguing culture, mesmerizing landscapes, and offbeat trails and the fascinating festivals and culture of the land have allured travelers from ages.

NewsWorldLab is your travel partner for an end to end travel guide to most visited and some of the offbeat locations present all around the world. With NewsWorldLab you get the commitment of safe and hassle-free traveling and a great opportunity to create timeless memories. Let’s find out five inspiring reasons why you should travel to Tibet at once in your lifetime.

1. The Exceptional Tibetan Landscape Will Leave You Bewitched:


This unforgettable and never seen like before place on earth has this vast Tibetan plateau, snow-capped mountains, and an awesome view of the Himalayas. The country is present at a height of 4500 m above sea level and is surrounded by the Karakoram in the west, the Kunlun from the north, and Himalaya on the south. You can have a breathtaking view of the vast landscape while enjoying trekking in Tibet. Come to this ancient land and explore the holy Buddhist monasteries present here.

2. The Culture and Warm People of Tibet:


One of the major highlights of coming to Tibet is a warm culture and friendly people of this place. Being home to some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries, Buddhism has been a part of this land and its culture for more than 1300 years now. Apart from the fascinating age old history and culture of the people living here, the locals are equally interesting and their simple way of living will inspire you one way or the other.

3. The Tibetan Festivals:


Every year more than 100 festivals are celebrated across Tibet. Festivals celebrated here to give you a lot of insight into the Tibetan Buddhism. Saga Dawa is among the most renowned festivals that you will want to witness here.

4. The Astounding Monasteries of Tibet:


Ancient monasteries of Tibet hold a lot of significance and are present all over the country. These monasteries are religious institutions where one can learn about the Buddhist teachings. Samye, Jokhang, and Ganden are among the most visited monasteries of Tibet.

5. The Friendship Highway:


This epic highway of 850 km is present between Kathmandu and Lhasa and evidently this connection between two countries is the real inspiration behind the name of the highway, “the Friendship Highway”. A memorable drive experience awaits here as you can enjoy this 2 to 3 days of a spectacular ride through the scenic locations of Tibet and Nepal.

Our Conclusion:

Every traveling experience will leave you with everlasting memories and with NewsWorldLab you can have the best travel experience without any hassle. Find out the best locations that you can explore with your friends/family or even as a solo traveler. Give us your message or drop an email for any suggestion or any destination places you want us to write and give you more detailed information about those places.


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